Course teachers

Joana Meier

Joana Meier is a Research Fellow at University of Cambridge, UK. Her research focus is on speciation and evolutionary genomics. Why do some taxa rapidly generate new species, whereas others remain species-poor? She is particularly interested in the role of hybridisation (interbreeding) in rapid speciation and adaptation. Her study systems include Heliconius and ithomiine butterflies from South America and cichlid fishes from the East African Lake Victoria. You can learn more on her website or on her Google scholar profile.

Mark Ravinet

Mark Ravinet is a lecturer at University of Nottingham. His research focuses on population and speciation genomics, in particular using genomic data to identify regions of the genome involved in divergence and adaptation. He has worked on speciation in sticklebacks, Littorinia saxatilis marine snails and more recently on hybrid speciation and adaptation in Passer sparrows. You can see more on his website here or on his Google scholar profile.